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Organic Skin Care

achieve younger and better looking skin without plastic surgery

Daniela Hortencio

Blue Skies

Licensed Esthetician, since 2007. 

I have personally researched  many different types of skin care  products and found EMINENCE to produces the best results.   All of their products are truly organic and they have developed specialized blends for each and every type of skin and skin problems. I have found with the proper skin care regiment and healthy diet your skin can be beautiful. Let me help you achieve the healthiest skin you can have.

Express Facial

The most bang for your buck! This highly effective 30 minute treatment renews and brightens your skin instantly while balancing moisture, exfoliating dead skin cells, removing vellus hair and gently cleansing away any impurities — so your makeup goes on smoother and your skin is fully refreshed! For best results, this treatment should be performed 3 – 7 days prior to an event. 35 minutes/$70.00. 

Manual Organic Microdermabrasion​

An organic blend of pear and poppy seeds that will smooth and polish your skin. No harsh aluminum crystals. This treatment includes a Purifying Oranganic Facial. The results is soft, smooth skin with visibly fine lines.

45 minutes/$100.00

Eminence Organic Body Treatment

Softens skin with a coconut sugar scrub exfoliate, smooths and hydrates with a coconut firming body lotion. Great for all skin types.

75min/ $140.00


Express Facial                           

35 min/$70

Purifying Organic Facial             

60 min/ $130.00

Anti-Aging Oxygenating Facial​   

60 min/ $130.00


Manual Organic Microdermabrasion​            45 min/ $100.00

Eminence European Facial         

45 min/ $100.00

Teenager Facial                            

45 min/ $100.00

Gentleman's Facial                      

45 min/ $100.00

Back Clarifying treatment           

45 min/ $100.00

Eminence Organic Body Treatment          75min/ $140.00

Acne Organic Facial                     

60min/ $130.00


Leg Lower                  $40.00

Leg Upper                  $40.00

Leg Full                      $70.00


Bikini           $30.00 - $50.00

Eye brow cleaning    $17.00

Eye brow shaping     $35.00


Arms                           $50.00

Underarms                 $30.00

Stomach                     $70.00


Back                            $40.00

Lip                               $17.00

Chin                             $19.00

Neck                            $25.00

Eminence European Facial

European cleansing facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and face massage to stimulate collagen and to firm skin. Masque will be selected to improve skin tone and appearance leaving you glowing!

45 minutes/$100.00

Purifying Organic Facial

Using nature's powerful antioxidants to cleanse your skin while removing impurities. This treatment is custom blended to suit your personal skin care needs. Clear bacterial and hormonal blemishes and see healthy glow to your skin after a vitamin-rich masque.

60 minutes/$130.00.

Anti-Aging Oxygenating Facial​

Help ease the signs of aging with this lifting and firming treatment. Boos elasticity and plump fine lines with custom blended, organic ingredients rich in antioxidants and flavonals. Let the paprika stimulated the circulation to your skin. The result is hydrated skin and firmer facial contours.

60 minutes/$130.00

Add Ons

Organic Exfoliating Peel                             $60.00

Decollete treatment                                    $40.00

Eye Quattro                                                  $30.00

Lip treatment                                              $25.00

Microdermabrasion​                                    $80.00

Reflexology          15 min/$35.00

                              30 min/$50.00

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