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Driving to work one day I passed a beautiful old house which displayed a FOR SALE sign in front of it. Something about it drew me to a halt!  A vision began to form deep within my heart. To me this house symbolized the power of age, of beauty, of strength, grace, hope, and possibility. Hope for a better life!  It inspired me to rethink my own journey in life.  To DREAM! 

The majority of the 55 years of my life have been dedicated to caring for and inspiring others in some way.  From childhood Girl Scouts, to high school service clubs, to hospital candy-striper, to psychology major; my early world revolved around helping the less fortunate and improving their lives. 

Fast forward to the adult world of marriage, raising 3 children and a 26 year career as a physical therapist.  All well and good until I realized-Hey--I'm not HAPPY doing this anymore!!  I need a change!!  Is this all my life is going to be?  Will there be anything more?  So began the journey of Sarah's House of Health; the next phase of my life as entrepreneur, motivator, and wellness provider...-guiding YOU to the next phase of YOUR life!  Whatever you choose it to be!!

My mission is to empower other women to dream of a better life and to provide them with resources and support as they take action upon that dream! There is always a way to make a change that will improve your life. Let Sarah's House of Health and our community of like minded women help you find that way!!!

Photo by Audra Stroud Oden Photography

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