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Spiritual wellness is a process of understanding beliefs, values, and ethics that help guide your life. Whatever your preferred approach, spending time asking questions and exploring your spiritual life can be an important part to your overall well being. It is how we define our purpose in life and discover what makes us unique.


Maintaining a healthy emotional life is critically important to overall health.  Some ways to stay emotionally healthy are to manage your stress levels, stay on top of work and family obligations, reduce clutter, get eight hours of sleep, know when to say no, and ask for help when needed.


Environmental wellness means taking care of your global environment and appreciating your natural surroundings.  It means being grateful for animals, plants, and the beauty of nature.


Physical wellness involves moving your body, (exercise), eating well-balanced meals, (nutrition), filling nutritional gaps, (supplementation), getting adequate sleep, and managing stress.


Intellectual wellness means staying curious and committed to learning new things. Engage in creative activities, read for pleasure, be aware of social and political issues, and challenge yourself to think outside the box.


Financial wellness means taking steps to live within your present financial means, and planning for your future financial health.  You can do this by creating a realistic budget, developing a residual income stream, and finding ways to get and remain out of debt.


Social wellness involves cultivating a strong social network that can offer support and guidance when you need it; a tribe of like-minded individuals and friends who can provide a sense of belonging.

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